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ATTENTION: To protect your privacy and freedom we recommend that you read the following texts.


Using VPN and secure Email is only recommended and is NOT a requirement to use StratumX.

Access and register with StratumX:

It is extremely important that you use a VPN to maintain privacy and security while accessing VPN or Virtual Private Network is a secure tunnel between two or more devices.


VPNs are used to protect private web traffic from espionage, interference and censorship.


Our security team recommends User X to install one of the VPNs listed below:

When using the StratumX platform we strongly urge all users to create a new email account. This prevents that email you always use from being the path for hackers who may be waiting for a breach to attack your account.


Why use a new email?


Every user X has his share in the security of his account. While we at StratumX take care of the platform and your login and password details you help by creating a new and secure email to register.


StratumX respects your privacy and encourages you to take precautionary measures on your side as well.


Below are some examples of secure emails. But remember, feel free to create the email where you feel most comfortable.

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