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1 Dólar = 1 TUSD

TrueUSD (TUSD) is an ERC20 token, based on Ethereum technology and with its paired quote 1 for 1 in Dollar, legally protected, transparently and verified by Ethereum Blockchain confirmations. The peculiarity of TUSD is that it uses multiple collateral accounts to reduce risk.


The company responsible for TUSD is TrustToken and aims to facilitate the tokenization process. But unlike other initiatives, they first ensure legal certainty. To be able to keep up with the strict international standards and have the necessary flexibility, the company has the support of several law firms. Among them are WilmerHale, Coole, and Oshins & Associates, where these companies audit FIAT resources monthly. Among the supporters are Stanford University, 8Decimal, and CGVCapital funds.

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