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We are a secure exchange for trading.

100% Crypto

Fast Trading

Page where you select a coin to purchase and a stable (market price)


Book of buy and sell with 3 different models: Limit | Market | Stop Lost

Coins are traded through the use of stable coins or between themselves. Bitcoins with AltCoins, TrueUSD, Theter and RAS with Crypto.


Very fast transactions. Fast withdrawals using one of our partners: ATAR and Stratum Bank Teller.


If you are either MAKER or TAKER there are no surprises


You are considered the X client in our platform. 100% privacy. The platform will recognise you as user X# 12345, for example.

We are considered the group that developed the first Bitcoin vertical operation in Latin America and that operates from mining to he end user solutions.

The creation of the RAS project was motivated by the desire to deliver to the Brazilian crypto-economy market a stable, secure digital currency that is audited by unique users and companies that negotiate crypto. (Click the + button for more)

TrueUSD (TUSD) is an ERC20 token, based on Ethereum technology and with its paired quote 1 for 1 in Dollar, legally protected, transparent and verified by Ethereum Blockchain confirmations. (Click the + button for more)

Tether is the ideal option for those seeking to avoid the volatility of cryptocurrencies and agility in the commercialization of digital currencies, as their value is linked to fiat currencies, such as the dollar and the euro, for example. (Click the + button for more)

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At StratumX you can trade large amounts of cryptocurrencies quickly, safely and privately with one of our consultants. Meet our table. Get in touch with them in the channels below and have a good deal.


Every week a new article in our BLOG. Read all about the cryptocurrency market and the future of money in our posts. If you want to read about a specific subject, send us a message and make your suggestion.


When using the StratumX platform we strongly urge all users to create a new email account. It is also extremely important that you use a VPN to maintain privacy and security while accessing StratumX.io. 

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